About Anabel Group

Anabel Group is made up of a host of corporate entities with diverse interests but all have a strategic theme which is to support the stimulation of local and international Investment through Local Content Strategic initiatives. Our focus is on the development of the corporations, the structures and the leaders that would lead to the development of communities, regions and Nation States. We are committed to the growth of 21st century Leadership and the development of Entrepreneurship which we believe will drive the sustainable development of Africa and people of African descent all over the World. We have developed several strategic investment platforms over the years and we that have participated or directly stimulated investment of well over $10 billion in several African countries, with significant proportion going to Nigeria. Our activities and our initiatives have been directly responsible for the injection of over $1 billion in direct investment in Nigeria’s capital markets over the years.

Anabel Group is the operator of the Nigeria Content Development and Monitoring  Board’s (NCDMB) strategic support for small and medium business in the Nigerian oil and gas industry. Under the Initiative called Triple E, with triple standing for “Entrepreneurship, Employment and Empowerment”, we currently support the entire oil and gas value chain by providing strategic support and access to financial support to local Nigerian owned companies, in addition with the support of the Local Content Oil and Gas industry regulator, NCDMB, we provide a unique entry window for the new start-ups in the oil and gas industry. Anabel Group has equally anchored the LOCAL CONTENT STRATEGIC INITIATIVE which is designed to expand the scope and the commitment of Nigerian investors and entrepreneurs in industries that provide opportunities including but not limited to the oil and gas value chain.

Our subsidiary Anabel Capital has been a strategic adviser to the Central Bank of Nigeria on several national developmental initiatives including the structuring and investment of financial assets from Nigerian banking institutions into the Nigerian capital market, under strict Central Bank supervision and guidelines. In addition Anabel Group continues to work with the Central Bank of Nigeria on developing structures and mechanisms for providing sustainable financial support for micro, small and medium scale businesses all across Nigeria.

Our wholly owned subsidiary; the Anabel Leadership Academy is at the helm of Entrepreneurship centric corporate institutions in Nigeria today with the World Class expertise, experience and demonstrated success at mobilizing and supporting Youth Entrepreneurs, Women Entrepreneurs as well as Micro, Small and Medium Scale Businesses to access funding, build capacity achieve their dreams. We developed the Nigeria Youth Entrepreneurship Strategy and we equally promote and manage the NIGERIA YOUTH ENTREPRENEURSHIP NETWORK, as well as its online platform the NYENET.COM. We are also the conveners of Nigeria’s largest privately organized Leadership Summit “The Nigeria Leadership Summit”. And we founded and operate the Nation’s largest grass root initiative for the promotion and the training of micro entrepreneurs called “EMPOWER NIGERIA”.

Our competitive advantage lies in our World Class expertise in strategy, structuring and delivery of pertinent projects goals which are unique and unusual. Our Strategic Business Development Matrix” is a propriety system in which our group supports the process of bringing financial, technical, legal and other professional services together to meet the objectives of a sophisticated project, or a complex combination of projects and ventures.

The Anabel Group also founded and supports the MONEY POWER RESPECT quarterly retreat and Wealth Camp, as well as the Universal Champions Elite Network which are both focused on the development of executives and professionals to meet their optimal best in productivity, efficiency and World Class product or service delivery.  Our Retreats and Wealth Camps are designed as an all in one Entrepreneurship, Executive, Professional and Business development retreat which captures the overall development of the individual guided by our propriety Nine Pillars of the Personal Development Strategy. Including Health and Safety, Physical Fitness, Grooming, Power Dressing, Constant and never ending Personal Improvement, Success Principles for Super Achievement, Financial wellbeing, Wealth Creation and Spirituality.



Our Mission

We are educating Leaders with our leadership academy, engaging future leaders.

Our Vision

To be the most trusted and respected professional services firm recognized by our clients for delivering excellence.

We have something to be proud of!


Leadership Academy

The Anabel Leadership Academy (TALA) is a Strategic Business Unit of Anabel Group Inc.which has committed to be a leading knowledge


Nigeria Manifesto

Nigeria Manifesto is a platform designed and promoted by the Anabel Leadership Academy to provide the Nigerian people with a board based platform


Anabel Music Festival

Our Group is investing in fields and platforms that serve to rebuild the Nigerian Nation and expand it’s potentials as an investment destination.


Empower Nigeria

The Empower Nigeria Initiative thus provides the platform for the empowerment of millions of unemployed Nigerians all across the country.


  • Access a globally accredited Business School and a leading University anywhere
  • Customise your degree to your career by choosing your business focus.
  • Interact with professionals from over 160 countries, study global trends.
  • Gain business knowledge and skills you can use immediately.
  • Senior Directors and Managers in Marketing, IT , Human Resources and Finance.
  • Business Owners.
  • Experience a new culture.

Our Class

99% Master Class

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95% Strategic Business Support

98% Local Content Stratgic Initiative

100% Entrepreneurship Clinic

Our Subsidiaries

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